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Private Tuition - Family Lessons

Private Kickboxing and Self defence lessons in your own home our at our place.One -to-one lesons at an affordable price. Classes designed to your own requirements.


In today hectic life style, some people do not get time to join classes, or feel uneasy in groups. We at MKBMA offer Private and Family courses, which can be catered to suit the individuals needs, they can take place in your own home (space permitting - or a hall) We offer a range of courses, starting from basic techniques to the more advanced lessons. These help build confidence in both yours and your families ability to both look after themselves, if the need arises. 

FEB 2014

Five of the above students have all benefitted from our private lesson system


If you are interested or would like further information on our PRIVATE or FAMILY lessons. 

Individual tuition is just £35 per hour       (Book 5 in a block for only £160)  saving £ 15

                                                                     (Book 10 in a block for only £280) saving £ 70

Group of two £45 per hour                        (Book 5 in a block for only £ 185 ) saving £ 40 

                                                                     (Book 10 in a block for only £360) saving £ 90

Group of three £75 per hour                     ( Book 5 in a block for only £350) saving £25

                                                                    ( Book 10 in a block for only £650 )saving £100

Group of four £95 per hour                      ( Book 5 in a block for only  £400 ) saving £ 75

                                                          ( Book 10 in a block for only £750 )saving £ 200

Larger groups price POA

Lessons can take place at your own home or office

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