Maghull Kickboxing and Martial Arts Academy was formed in 1997 by Sensei Ken Dineley.


Sensei Ken started in martial arts totally by accident after having to finish playing football in 1987 due to cartilage problems in both knees. During work one day a colleague asked me if I wanted to go training that night and go for a pint afterwards, I assumed we were going to play five a side, go for a run or the gym, then to my astonishment we ended up at Prescot and Higher side Kickboxing Club, it’s so happened that my work colleague was Sensei Terry McElhinney’s next door neighbour. After spending a hard but thoroughly enjoyable 10 years there


Then in 1997 he set up Maghull Kickboxing and Martial Arts Academy, we have helped and solved many bullying problems, including paying visits to the child’s school and talking to teaches. With the invention of the "internet" bullying has become a fuller on an emotional issue, no longer can the child hide away in their home as they now have mobile phones and do their homework on the internet. 

Some of the things and threats I have seen over the last four years have shocked even me " so what must they do to ones so young”!!  

We can stop this for you and help your child go forward with confidence, still retaining their lovely attitude and good manners.In 2013 we gave seven children individual private lessons, all of which "NO LONGER HAVE BULLYING PROBLEMS"



Since 2001 we have arranged and undertaken mamouth charity challenges to raise, funds and awareness of local charities and needy good causes, everyone is welcome to join and take part in these events, you simply select your charity or good cause and raise money for them, send it off to them after the event, all we ask is you send us a copy of the thank you letter so we can put it on our website for future events. In 2011 we were kindly presented with the honour of Team of the year at the Community Heros Awards by Scottish Power and Trinity Newspapers.