Join our annual charity challenges and make a

difference to those that need it.

Since 2001, we at Maghull Kickboxing and Martial Arts Academy Group have arrange and undertaken mamouth Charity challenges to raise funds for local and need charities and good causes. The way we do this is by offering the chance to people to join in with our challenges and raise funds for their own particular good cause or charity, to join us email Sensei Ken at to find out more about up and coming challenges




2001          Three Peaks Challenge- For Neurofibromatosis

2002          Extreme Sports Challenge – For Cancer Research

2004          1,000 sit ups and 1,000 kick challenge – 55 people

2005          10 Mile Junior Student charity walk

2006          1,000 sit ups and 1,000 kick challenge – 70 people

2007          10 Mile Junior Student charity walk

2009          Mount Snowdon Challenge

2010          Walked Hadrian’s wall in three days Challenge

2011          Mile coast to coast Bike challenge £40,000 raised (voted Community hero’s team of the year by Trinity Newspapers and                     Scottish Power.

2012          Walk around Isle of Man Challenge – Purchased two Defibrillators for the Oliver King Foundation

2013          Cycle around Loch Ness Challenge

2014          Cycle around Anglesey Challenge

2015          Hadrian’s wall challenge


2016          Fire Walking – walking bear foot on hot coals – Raised £1,245.00 for local nine year old boy with Leukaemia and £480 for                   CHICKS -The Children with Cancer Charity.


2018           Fire walking – In aid of supporting Blind Veteran’s and people that have suffered from Knife crime (Sam Cook) and                              Maghull Young Adults Social Club (Young adults with learning difficulties)


2018          Great North Run – NSPCC , Child Bereavement UK and Maghull Young Adults Social Centre in Memory of Sam Cook

2019          10 mile charity canal walk on behalf of the No More Knives Campaign

                   Great North Run – NSPCC and the No More Knives Campaign 

                   Raising a total of £ 1,475.


2019           Great North Run - NSPCC and The No More Knives Campaign raising a total of £ 1,025